Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's Art - Kiera and Grandma

These two paintings were done by my Granddaughter, Kiera who is 4 1/2. This is what she wanted to say about her first painting. "I love my painting because it's so good. I named a tree and under it stood. I love it all the time a little river that I see all the time. The sunshine was very warm there - it was Mexico. I couldn't leave my trip so I stayed until the next airplane. It was warm and sunny. It was cold at home in Canada.
I like you because you were my favourite tree". KIERA THE END

This is what Kiera had to say about her second painting: "I love you because you're my favourite painting art. My stream was very good. The tree was really covered up when a storm was there. The yellow is lots of sunshine and fun on the beach. And I see you next time. Kiera, Goodbye!

I'm getting used to a new camera. Just now as I sit down to post the images I can see they are blurry and I shall have to try again tomorrow. Stay warm!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Artist Trading Cards.....

These two artists trading cards are my first attempts and I'm enjoying the process. I did these while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The themes are definitely inspired by the sights and scenes from our trip. I found a small, local art store in Puerto Vallarta and picked up some tissue paper and glue which I used to collage the dancer's dress and apron. Enjoy!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marina View Sketch

Ron and I arrived in Mexico November 29 and this was the busy view from our deck. Between the trees we could watch folks taking their meals at the BBQ palapa. Immediately behind that was the marina... a red and white sailboat is passing in this view. More on Mexico coming.... Enjoy!

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