Saturday, May 24, 2008

this week in my art world

Welcome to what I hope will be my daily art blog. Here I will focus almost entirely on my art as well as what motivates a particular piece. Sharon Williams (see challenged us to attempt 5-7 paintings per week and share them. I hope to be able to accomplish that goal. So, I am posting paintings as I finish them. My photography skills are lacking and I hope to get some hints from Sharon to improve the quality of the images as I go.

You won't see only my best here. I plan to post all paintings because they are all a part of my journey. If you haven't taken up brushes or pencils yet because you don't think you can do it perhaps looking at these attempts will be encouraging. Art is more a matter of practice and perseverance than it is talent. All of us have creative potential... put into us by our creator. We are made in His image and he is the ultimate creator.
Our class is currently working on a floral unit and the following 4 paintings are my most recent efforts (May 20-23). Enjoy!
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Verda said...

Hi Cheryl
These are wonderful paintings! Keep up the great work. Enjoy this painting. You have always loved to puddle in the paint ever since you were a tiny girl. Just remember to keep one for Mom. I would proudly adorn my walls with one of your paintings. Love, Mom

tucker said...

Wow, I had no idea you were SO incredibly gifted! I too, would be so proud to hang one in my house or office. We sure came from some great genes didn't we? No seriously, when you look at our family as individuals we all have some sort of "artistic" gift. Some think they have more than others, but we truly have a wonderful family. Go and paint the world Cheryl, and save one for me! I love you~Rita

Sharon said...

I am SO proud of your girl! Congratulations