Monday, June 23, 2008

stuck on tulips...

The 1st painting (9.5"x6.5") began well and finished poorly in my opinion... I like a couple of the tulips shapes but I had some real issues with the background becoming way too dark. In the end I gessoed over it and lightened it up quite a bit... but there it is... I believe it is time to move on to other subjects although I'm really enjoying painting florals.

Second image is a 4x6" from my sketchbook. I liked the composition and I will try it on a larger format at some point...
The 3rd painting (10 1/4" x 10/1/4") is one I began several months ago that I thought needed some more work. I lifted quite a bit of the heavier red color out as well as taking back a few whites by scrubbing and, in one area, I added a bit of white paint too. I think I'm done now... Kim likes it as is and she's worried I'll wreck it - lol.

Candice and her two girls arrive in about an hour so I'll be on Grandma duty through July 7th and I'm not sure how much time I'll have for painting... so, I'll blog when I can.... ttyl.
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