Monday, July 28, 2008

Marla's Praying Angel

Message from my daughter Kimberley McRae: "On September 4th I am repelling 30 stories down the Sunlife building in Calgary to raise money for Easter Seals! I'm scared to death but really it's nothing compared to the challenges the kids with disabilities go through everyday. Camp Horizon is an amazing experience for them they deserve it!I will let you know what time my drop is and you are welcome to come and watch. apparently we are to dress up like superheros so that will be amusing!" Click on Easter Seals for more info...

I had a lovely time today at my friend Marla's luncheon/ garden party. A few mutual friends were there - and we had a nice time catching up. And I gained two new friends by the time I left. It was a great day to be out in the back yard - no bugs, sunny but not too hot. We lounged, discussed books, did nails... and the food was perfect. Marla had little surprise "blessings" for us throughout the afternoon and then gifts for each of us at the end of the afternoon - what a great idea! It was so refreshing and lifted my spirits greatly - thanks Marla! You were an instrument of peace today.

Marla collects yard angels and I just had to sketch this one today. I don't know what this angel is called but he's kneeling in prayer with his head bowed on his arms. I was concentrating on visiting as I sketched and I've made the angel MUCH bigger than he really is. Considering the day, the company, and the conversation it was probably meant to be. I know some of the angels in my life have a much larger role than I've given them credit for - angel friends and guardian angels. I have no doubt that both types have impacted my life for the better today. Enjoy! Retweet this

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