Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mexican Hibiscus (11"x14") on Yupo paper

While calling my sweetie outside a mall in Mexico, I spotted this gorgeous hibiscus flower. I chose it for my first painting on Yupo "paper" and I've been slip sliding around on it for a couple of days. Possibly I should have done a drawing of some sort before I started but since the paper is a special plastic I figured I would just wipe it off if I didn't like it and I did quite a bit of wiping, trust me. It's the next best thing to oil painting - white paint isn't added, it's subtracted. If you want white, wipe.
This was a fun experience but I believe I'll wait until I've done some reading and/or have some instruction before I tackle another one. I kind of like how this one turned out but it was a dicey thing at times - trust me because I just can't take the time to explain it all. Retweet this

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