Sunday, August 3, 2008

On Tuesday this week I had a plan... you may remember my plan. Well, here it is Friday. I'm still working on it and it's probably only half an hour from done. Unfortunately, I am done. Don't you hate that when you're done before your project is done? lol.

I'll post the completed painting tomorrow. Here's what I've done so far:
I painted warms - burnt sienna and a bit of quin red over all of the stairs and the stones on the wall behind. Then, I took some of it off b/c it was too pink. next I glazed the stair risers to give their shadows more value... I used cobalt blue & violet. I loosely painted in the greens and blues for the greenery in the garden. I used yellows and some red to define the taller flowers. Lastly, I prepared a lovely black from Quin Magenta and Pthalo green and quickly painted the black urns.
Left to do: I must separate the wall that is curving behind this staircase - this will be done by painting brick by brick until they are finally look right. Then I just have to sketch in the flowers for the pots. See you back here tomorrow...

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