Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall and Fish (10"x14")

I had a lovely 2 day visit in East Coulee with my friend Lindsey. She and Mike have a house there just a block from the Red Deer River. We enjoyed beautiful weather and visited some amazing sites very nearby. After 2 visits I can highly recommend the fabulous food at Whifs flapjack house on Dinosaur Trail in Drumheller. Delicious breakfasts, my favourite meal, served until 2pm. Great coffee too!
We spent a bit of time painting and quite a bit more time taking photos and gathering fall "stuff". Some of these fall things ended up in this fun fish vase painting. In hindsight, I could have improved this painting by rotating the doily slightly... this has a straight on look that I find uncomfortable. It was fun to paint though, and that was the main idea... enjoy!

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