Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looking Back on Summer (7.5"x11")

I am making a slow, plodding effort at catching up some on some record keeping. I've put it off for so long that I'd be embarrassed to admit how long in writing. I need to get this done before I get back into the fall routine so... artistic sacrifices have been required. Tasks like this seemed simple, basic, and fast to me a few years ago. They take much longer now but can't be avoided, not permanently anyway. Like wading waist deep in water dragging my jeans - possible, but slow, slow, slow.

I took a very short break from the "project" and puddled around with my recently restocked quinacridone paints. The larger bloom seems to have turned her back on us to look back on the summer sunshine. I used pthalo and ultramarine blue and burnt sienna in addition to quinacridones gold, rose, red and magenta in this wet into wet doodle. I hope to have more time to use my "quins" the next time I paint - I really enjoy these paints! Get more interesting information about the quinacridone pigment family by clicking here.
Interesting that my favourite pigments were first marketed in 1958. They are 50 years old, just like me. A very good year indeed.... Enjoy! Retweet this

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