Saturday, October 4, 2008

a stinker and a start

I've finished another painting, two in fact. However, it is midnight and I haven't the light to get a decent photo. That will be tomorrow's post. For today I share a the beginning of a stinker and the beginning of one I actually quite like. First the stinker...
The beginning... I wanted those intense fall colors, to paint by pour and pump, and I had a particular scene in my mind... I'd protected some negative spaces for the sun to shine through, etc. What a mess! Things got really fun... and then I had mud.
Here's the interim photo... I did force myself to go all the way to the end of this and I will post it. It's good for the soul. Days like this I'm glad that I am truly having fun in the process... the results are not worth the time. The colors blending together as the freely chased and pulled each other around was really fun to watch. Had I used transparents it would have resulted in better results. Tomorrow I'll post the end result (not really a "finish" yet).

My start from late yesterday is nice, bright and cheery. I'm going for fall berries, mountain ash to be precise. Stay tune tomorrow for the finish of this painting.
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