Thursday, October 9, 2008

Work in progress - Golden Vase

A few days ago I covered my kitchen table and sloshed around in paint just as if I was in grade 2. After I added paint to the watercolor paper I placed some saran wrap, wax paper, onion mesh and a variety of other texture making stuff on the wet surface and left it to dry. At that point it looked like this:

This is where the interpretation and second guessing begins. I looked at this "start" from all angles and I saw a woman leaning on one elbow, a box jellyfish, an octopus & seaweed, a bullfighter and a Franciscan priest....... Before you assume I'm crazy these are all options that I could have developed in this painting. However, I like doing still life paintings and I also saw flowers wrapped in clear cellophane with a greenish gold vase behind it. The purples, however, were troublesome - way too dark. I pencilled around the shapes I wanted to develop and began painting this morning. I added some rice paper "leaves" to the plant on the right hand side before painting the plant and pot. Also I've developed the darks (maybe too much) around around the bow, flowers, and the cellophane highlights.After a couple of 30 minute sessions this is how it looked:
I continued to develop the flowers and darkened the background vase this afternoon and here's how it looks right now. Stay tuned...

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