Friday, November 7, 2008

Stamping around

I've had an interesting week with art and immunizations and life insurance quotes and lawyers... You get the picture. I've had little time for the former and spent more time on the latter. This week has been black and white in many ways. I've been doing sketches, value studies, and a bit more stamp carving.
I finished carving this stamp this this morning. In the photo you can see the carved stamp on the top right. I used a brayer to apply some watercolor to the stamp and then stamped positively onto the watercolor paper (bottom right). Then, after re-wetting the stamp, I applied it to the previously painted Yupo paper. The water dissolved the paint and I lifted the paint off with a tissue - see lower left of the photo. Another option would have been to roll a brayer over the tissue before lifting which would have removed more of the paint.
I'm having a fun time with these mixed media techniques. Enjoy! Retweet this

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