Monday, April 27, 2009

Arizona Whites


I would love to know the name of this lovely flowering vine.  I looked for it tonight at the Desert Botanical Gardens but didn’t spot it.  Our gracious hosts have this beautiful flowering vine in their garden.  The hummers seem to be attracted to this flower – they preferred it to the feeders this week at least.

 DSCN2751 Ron and I arrived at Desert Botanical Gardens today at 5pm and viewed the exhibit before as well as after dark.  Dale Chihuly is truly a master artist and I really enjoyed the displays.  The colors are amazing and the detail work was enhanced by the lighting after dark – wow!  The gardens are amazing even without the Chihuly glass – lots and lots of hummers and they are very friendly.  We headed straight to Fox’s afterwards for the Flames third, and last, period of the seasons.  Not a fun game to watch with a bunch of Chicago fans…

Home to Calgary tomorrow – yikes!  The weather has been unseasonably cold/snowy there and unseasonably hot/dry here.  That will make for a rough re-entry. 

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AnotherQ said...

I think that flowering vine is a sweet pea...but I could be wrong. Beautiful painting, though.