Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Tulips

Nothing makes yellow pop like violet and I couldn't resist these tulips.  They screamed - PAINT US IN WATERCOLOR!  So, I sat down today and explored a bit with composition and format, did a value sketch and began.  The camera showed a much cooler violet (blue-violet really) so I photo-shopped in more red... fun!

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Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Cheryl
I do like your watercolour. This is a lovely loose but controlled piece. The complimentary colours give explosion of colour. Clever use of reflected light on the bowl.
I look forward to seeing more.
Best Regards

Cheryl said...

Thanks Trevor! I painted this just after I commented on your blog about struggling and being frustration trying to paint at times. Funny thing is that it almost painted itself. I think it was because I was passionate about these colors and shapes.

LSaeta said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This is a beautiful painting. Incredible colors! One of these days I will have to try watercolors ... but they seem to be so unforgiving!

Supria Karmakar said...

Really do love the vibrancy of the colours here...
thanks for sharing and embracing that moment to paint and share with the world.
Thanks for your recent visit and comment on my blog

Cheryl said...

Leslie, Supria,
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. Enjoy the journey!