Thursday, May 7, 2009

New floral… work in progress

purple floral Image 1 – taken just after I started step 5 [oops}.

  1. I began this painting by coating a quarter sheet of 140 lb watercolor with a layer of Golden soft gel gloss medium. 
  2. Once that was dry, I painted Golden fluid acrylics wetly across the piece using a limited palette (Green Gold, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Indian Yellow, & Dioxazine Purple). 
  3. I applied a variety of texturing materials including bubble wrap, plastic & wax wrap, shallot mesh, & lace randomly over the surface.  I rolled a brayer across the entire surface firmly pressing these items into the support.  I set it aside to dry.
  4. The resulting surface was covered with interesting colors and textures and I could see floral shapes immediately.  I imposed a cruciform composition & determined which of the random shapes to keep.  Then I painted 2 coats of white gesso around the large dark floral shape.
  5. I formed  some white flowers with rubbing alcohol, a rag, and a mask.  I painted some of flower shapes directly and some negatively.  I added a bit of greenery and line work to break up some of the solid edge. 

purple floral2 Image 2 – as it is tonight.  Two major item need to be addressed:

  1. The purple flowers need a serious tweaking.   I’ve got to reduce & rearrange the purple flower shapes.  They’re just too stiff, high, and dark.  [I love this process that lets me remove the paint !!
  2. I haven’t decided on a background yet but I’m thinking it needs to be very simple with such a busy floral.  Maybe a white on white – interesting but subtle.

This is a fun painting process.  Comments and critiques are always welcome folks.  Ciao!

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corinne60 said...

I'm french......I speak english very bad!
I discover your blog and I find it very beautiful!congratulations!

this paint is very interesting but I don't understand all!!!
can you make a tuto with photo?????PLEASE............I would like so try.........
THANK YOU because I feel like painting !
have a good day!

Cheryl said...

hi Corinne! Thank you for your comment. I was able to go to your blog and click on a TRANSLATE button near the top. That gave me your blog in English. I think it should work for you on my blog. Please try that and you will understand the description of what I did on the gold flower painting.
thank you so much,