Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Common Threads – Altered Book spread

DSCN3775RSCN3777DSCN3778Now that I’m home I’m ramping up the art again.  Yesterday and today I’ve been working on a 2 [or maybe 3???] page spread in my altered book.  I’m WAY behind and it’s important that I get, and stay, caught up so I can trade books with another artist soon.  I really don’t want to be holding up the group. 

This spread was about looking at creativity in my past and my future.  “Common Threads” seemed like a good name for it.  I have a left hand page representing the creative past with 2 photos:

  1. our girls and cousins in skating & dance costumes [some created by me]  
  2. Candice and her bridesmaids with her mommy-made cathedral length veil. 

On the right hand side of the spread I have 3 more photos representing the future:

  1. Kiera and Kalista – middle daughter Candice’s girls
  2. Hannah, Kristian, Victoria, and Ethan – our son Matthew’s children
  3. A favourite painting of my own.  LOTS more of these to come!

Between the two pages is a two-way window which represents the present…  you can look back at the past OR forward to the future.  The ribbons [the common threads] and the embroidered tulle are both left over from our girls’ weddings.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Enjoy!

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