Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am an aluminum can… (altered book spread)

…  and you should recycle me unless you want to give up TV. 

coke can This is a spread I finished today for the collaborative altered book project I’m working on.  After yesterday’s play & trade date I now have Sheila’s book and recycling/green is the theme.  I read through some quotes that Heidi found and one of them struck me as amazing:

“Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours”.  Reynolds Metal Company

So, think twice before you toss that can!  According to Alcoa, cans we recycle today will be cans again in less than 60 days.  Here in Alberta we are financially incented to recycle pop/soda cans.  When we buy a can we are charged 10 cents, refundable upon recycle.  There’s a dime tucked into the pocket on the can to represent the refund…  [thanks Sheila].  I thought I’d better include that since I chopped up her pop can for this page.  I made the pocket by folding the can up before attaching it to the page with snaps. 

The green wire runs from the can to the TV and coils up when the book is closed.  The nifty background on the right page looks like spilled coke but it’s actually walnut ink crystals which have bled and run together.  This is the first I’ve tried them and it was fun – thanks Sharon!  Ciao!

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