Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rock Isle Lake (20x14, watercolor)

Rock Island Lake Sunshine MeadowsA year ago I attended the Sunshine Meadows Plein Air PaintOut near Banff, Alberta.  The area is spectacular – what a gift our beautiful mountain parks are!  I nearly froze solid up there on a day that couldn’t make up it’s mind whether to snow, sleet, rain, or shine.  The overcast conditions made for the most spectacular photography though.  The purpley mountains set off the new, yellowish green growth perfectly.  My favorite spot is the basis for this watercolor painting – Rock Isle Lake.  Spectacular views and the cleanest, purest air I’ve ever breathed.  This year the PaintOut is August 5th so hopefully the weather will be more cooperative.  Regardless, it will be a day of fun and fellowship with other artists and enough photo reference material to last a lifetime! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl -- I've been following your blog for a while, via Sharon Williams' blog (I'm also a student of hers). Sharon came out last Friday for a plein air day with me and my partner Ken -- we had a great time although the day was unsettled and we spent some precious painting time dodging rain!

During the day your name came up and I mentioned that I've been coming to your blog occasionally. Sharon responded that she thinks the blog has been a great way for you to focus and concentrate on your painting -- and I have to say I agree!

In my limited knowledge on the subject, I can look back through your postings and see some real positive development. You are inspiring -- your current post of the Rock Isle Lake painting is gorgeous. The composition is good, the reflections are good, the sky is liquid -- a truly evocative piece of work.

You go girl!
Holly Quan

Cheryl said...

Thank you so much Holly! It's great to get encouragement from other artists.