Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunshine Meadow Walk start

Sunshine meadows watercolor startThis painting start is based on scenes I took in on the Sunshine Meadows paint out June 2008.  What an amazing place to visit!  I’m excited to get back there again August 5th. 

This is a half sheet watercolor [30wx15h].  One of the things I want to do yet this summer is paint a full sheet watercolor.  I have yet to cross that off my list.  Once I get going hopefully it will be less intimidating.  I’ve done several of the half sheet size now and they are definitely a different painting experience.  It takes LOTS more paint and I’m still adjusting to that.  It’s amazing how freeing it feels to have all that room!

I have not yet touched the sky or the right hand trees.  Still lots to do.  The big challenge in finishing this painting will be the figures in the foreground.  They need to be recognizable but not detailed…  an interesting challenge.  Stay tuned!

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