Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fairy Ferris Wheel [10”w x 14”h, watercolor]

Tomorrow we leave for the Quist family reunion at Alberta Beach.  During the weekend a silent auction will take place in an effort to cover some of the costs of hosting the reunion.  For some time I’ve planned to bring a painting to contribute but, as usual, I procrastinated on selecting a painting and framing it.  Last October 17 I posted this painting as a work in progress.  Since then it has been sitting in my pile of paintings to tweak.  Today I tweaked it, stretched it, and framed it.  I met the deadline - phew! 

Fairy Ferris Wheel (2) Painting is a funny thing…  it’s not over until it looks “right”.  With watercolor, sometimes “right” was and hour ago!  In this case I left this painting last October knowing it wasn’t done but not able to figure out why or what to do next.  The littlest things make such a big difference – I darkened the background behind the larger flower and softened a few hard lines.  I’m happy with it and I sure hope somebody else likes it enough to bid and help with the expenses.

I’ve had a summer cold/asthma bout this week so I’ve not been up to painting and posting.  I’m feeling a bit better and I hope to get my groove back early next week.  Cheers! 

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AnotherQ said...

Very lovely....I hope it sold. :-)

Dayna Chu said...

there's definitely a spiritual analogy in there somewhere... !