Thursday, September 10, 2009

Artsy Birds – altered book 2 page spread

IMG_0193IMG_0194I’m puttering away at some final summer art stuff including finishing my spreads for the collaborative altered book project that has been ongoing since May.  I am working on Sharon’s book and the theme is Four Letter Words…  interesting!  There are so many to chose from but I settled on a few words for this spread.  Birds, blue, & love nest… 

I altered the right-hand page to emphasize the story of the artistic [eccentric?] Satin Bird from Australia.  To summarize, the male decorates his bower and often PAINTS the walls with blue berry juice…  all this to impress potential mates.  This passage interested me and used 4 letter words…  The most time consuming thing on this spread is the sliding “blind” over the stamped window which, when lifted, reveals a nest and eggs [also 4 letters!].  Fun!

Ciao for now!

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