Monday, September 7, 2009

Climbing Out – full sheet watercolor!!! [22”x30”]


I’m pretty happy with this considering it is my first full sheet watercolor painting.  Wow – I really struggled trying to pull this painting together! I used one of the starts I posted on Friday and jumped in with laying down some darker washes and applying texture materials [tinfoil, plastic, bubble wrap, mesh, etc].  What a mess! I dumped it into the bathtub for a soak and a hake scrub at one point yesterday – I was THAT frustrated with it. 

After I got rid of some of the disgusting mud I had created, I painted into the saturated paper with strong pigments and allowed the tall vertical lines to become trees [they would NOT be anything else].  It does bug me that the figure in the painting is smack dab in the middle but since he is fairly subtle I hope he’s not distracting too much from the effect of the misty, hazy trees around him.  Ciao!

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1 comment:

Sharon said...

This one has a wonderful feeling to it. Good use of the minor yellow note to highlight the figure -he is subtle but not lost, which is a hard thing to do. Congratulations!