Friday, January 8, 2010

The Me-ness of Me [digital collage]

who am I copy

The hours you can spend on Photoshop Elements - oh my goodness!!!  Sharon and I spent some Skype time last night working with fun new stamps/brushes that are found many places on the web [google photoshop brushes and see what you get!]. is one that has hundreds of fun shapes and sizes that can be used as interesting brushes to draw with OR as cool stamps when used large. 

Today I used startwalt watercolor and steampunk brushes in this photo collage – talk about fun – I am really down a rabbit hole here….  Right now I’m filling up my tool kit.  I can see all kinds of ways to use these techniques in my mixed media paintings!  Enjoy!

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Sharon said...

Hi Cheryl, Just stopped by from DJ's class link to say hello and I will be checking out the links for brush shapes.

AnotherQ said...

Very cool!