Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mexican pottery shop [enhanced photo]

Plate place copy

This is a photo from my 2006 trip to Mexico.  The bright noon sun washed out the beautiful tile around the door – the very thing I wanted to capture.  I opened it in PSE 8.0, selected the tile areas, and replaced the washed out color with a nice blue.  Then I stamped a Mexican passport [a downloaded brush file] on the top right.  Ron and I are leaving for Mexico again soon and I’m getting excited…  beach time in spades.  Yay!

On a much more serious note, I’ve been watching the destruction and listening to the stories out of Haiti.  I combined 8 photos for this collage. The photo of the cross windows was taken in October in Wausau, WI at Living Well Community Church where my brother Harvey is pastor. Harvey, and Ole [my nephew] returned Monday from Haiti where they were helping at an orphanage with a group from their church. 

I pasted images of the beautiful children at the orphanage into the cross... The third window from top has such a gorgeous fall view I couldn't cover it up. Perhaps it's symbolic of how the people of this faith community in Wisconsin are bound together with the children of Jacmel, Haiti... I hope so. They plan to return asap and rebuild the orphanage. Thankfully all these children are safe and all injuries were mild.  Please keep praying for Haiti.

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