Sunday, January 10, 2010

More photo artwork…

I puttered a bit more with Photoshop Elements today.  The first photo is a fun memory of my husband, son-in-law, and two of my granddaughters racing their sleds.  The girls were so excited and were cheering on their team.  So fun [and SO cold].  The guys look pretty determined too! 

race This file ended up with 5 layers.  After making a copy, I blurred [gaussian] the background layer.  I reduced the opacity on the copy and changed the blue color channel a bit.  On a second copy I cut out the top half of the background so that the figures came forward.  The frame was made with dark color with a huge grunge brush using almost black first and softening that edge with white.  The text was added last.  I’m happy to say I’m getting faster at this…  yay!

sunshine creek copyIn this second project I used a photo of a creek near the Sunshine resort as my background.  I fiddled with the color channels to intensify the color.  Then I “placed” 3 photos of my niece in her pretty flower girl dress into the project.  I removed all the background from each of them, resized them and used them for my fairies…  she looks like a little pixie just dancing up the rocks of the waterfall.  I added a layer under the the dresses to turn them pink [they were white].  Frame grunge as usual using different brushes.  Lastly a layer for some of my favorite starwalt design stamp/brush marks.  Fun times!

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