Friday, July 23, 2010

Poppies [watercolor, 9”x12”]

reader's poppies

Here’s the second of the paintings I did at Reader Rock Garden on Wednesday.  The oriental poppies were just past their prime but I found a few that inspired with their incredibly rich colors. 

We had another gorgeous day today.  It would have been incredible for painting outdoors but I trekked over to Michael’s for an hour and shopped for my art time today…  scored 14 sheets of Strathmore 140lb watercolor paper for 40 cents each!!!  Sweet!

I continue to marvel at how much enjoyment and fulfillment I find in my artistic pursuits.  I had so much fun on Wednesday’s paint out!  I’d love to do that twice per week.  BUT, I must find a way to do it smarter or shorter, or something…  Wednesday was lovely but I can’t have too many Thursdays like yesterday.  Today is much better pain-wise but…  Anyway, to state it in a positive light – I’m thankful  that I have friends to paint with, I live in a beautiful part of the world, and I WILL figure out how to get outdoors and paint somehow without a pain flare!  I WILL.  Anybody with ideas about how I can do this please step forward.

Matthew, our soldier son, arrived back to his home in Ontario for his mid-mission break today.  He’s been in Afghanistan since April.  He has 2 weeks off and then he’s back there until November…  Welcome home Matthew – I am so proud to be your mom!  Enjoy your well deserved time off! 

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