Friday, August 13, 2010

Sun on Copper Island [acrylic on board, 8”x10”]

copper island

I’m visiting Sorrento, BC right now and we are having a lovely, relaxing time.  For me that means painting.  I used Golden heavy body acrylics in my little [about 6”x8”] palette with Sta Wet sponge and paper for this one…  it’s working well but very little space to mix, etc.  When I get home again I’m going to set up a much larger one…  I need more room!  It’s nice and small though and that’s a great thing when you’re working outside.  Also, the sides are about 2” deep and that keeps the moisture in longer – critical for success with acrylic paints.

The subject is Copper Island of course…  but the shadows on the distant hill were SO cool as they clung to the form of the mountain!  The boat is NOT well done.  Anybody that’s seen the real Malibu will know that immediately – sorry Chuck!.  I’ll try to fix it later…  cheers!

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