Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bowness Buddies [22”x30”, acrylic]

Bowness Bark3

I’ve resolved many of the issues with this painting and I’m [definitely] ready to move on to another one.  I’m really liking my doggie in this painting – she’s kind of a large version of my Kassie.  She loved Bowness Park…  ah, we had some good times together there, that’s for sure.  Enjoy!

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Sharon said...

This is improving greatly! The hard part is to make changes and keep the spontaneity of the original concept! Suggestions would be to get rid of a bunch of hard edges around that rock band on the center left -that would lay them down and make them less abrupt. The guy and dog and bridge are great. I think you are right -I would grade the sky darker at the top and from left to right. Perhaps add some of the colours from the foreground into it as well -see Brent's show images from Wallace Gallery.
Great work girl!!!

Sharon said...

On checking again -there is something odd about the small size of the man's head...look at the original man from the previous step -his head is small but the angle of the gaze is really interesting.