Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don’t Grouch, Just Wait [digital art]

don't grouch and wait

It’s been another interesting week around here.  Yesterday I went to the curator’s tour of the Fernando Botero exhibit at the Glenbow Museum - good thing – yay!]  I really enjoyed seeing so much amazing art in one place!  He says so much with his art…  it’s hard to take it all in. 

However, recently our Grandson Ethan [6] has been feeling rough and the docs continue to try to figure out why – very bad thing – boo!  The next step is a biopsy on one of his lymph nodes next week.  Matthew [our Canadian Forces Captain son] is on his way home from Afghanistan to be with his family.  When I was a kid I had a benign tumor removed from the right side of my neck so I’m counting on this one being the same.  So we wait… and we pray…

Today I came across some copies of letters and postcards that my Great Grandpa Mac wrote home in 1918.  I did this simple remembrance day digital piece with a public domain poppy and part of a letter he wrote home. 

So let me set this up for you: Mac was in France recovering in hospital from wounds he sustained in the 2nd battle for Amiens and he’d been in Europe without a break since 1916!!!!  The hospital had no coal for warmth [it’s cold in late October] and few blankets and yet his words are inspiring! 

He says “…we went all last winter [in the trenches] without coal so that is a small matter.  Put on lots of clothes and the buildings are warm and not full of shell holes and there is no lice and mud and we have more than one blanket and lots of other comforts so our motto is DON’T GROUCH AND WAIT!”  I have so much more to be thankful for and I chose to do just that.  I shall not grouch and I will wait!

Happy Remembrance Day Canada!  Thank you to all the “great cloud of witnesses” that served our country and gave their lives.  And THANK YOU to those of you that are still serving!  A big hug out to my own special hero – Captain Matthew Victor Quist of 2 Regiment based in Petawawa, Ontario. 

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