Saturday, January 29, 2011

Floral reworked… again [acrylic, 22”x15”]

floral These flowers are still evolving.  Today I turned many of the flowers opaque blue and blue/green.  I like that color but I’m unsure how I feel about the yellow now.  I get new ideas when I view a thumbnail of a painting.  Between that and living with the changes for a while I hope I’ll eventually get this one finished!  Next steps…  deal with the yellow – move it around OR lose it, add one or two [?] more tulip leaves over the left middle.  After some time and distance I’ll give it another whirl.

The pic below is from the last posting on this painting in early December.   

IMG_0140_thumb[1]The weather here in Calgary is wintery and perfect for leaving behind!  I’m excited to be  Heading off to Puerto Vallarta for 10 days next Wednesday Can’t wait!  Hasta mañana

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