Saturday, January 22, 2011

Self Improvement

IMG_0182 … or rather self-portrait improvement.  The hubby tells me that he’s not sure I improved this [wasn’t that helpful?], but you be the judge.  In any case, I’ve sure learned lots puttering on this.  Here’s how it was on my last post:

IMG_0180Meanwhile, I’ve got 4 canvasses at various stages of texture and layering.  So, you’ll probably see me working from a lot of chaos again.  I’m going to attempt to take these paintings from chaos to clouds.  That should be interesting!  Cheers!

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Sharon said...

Hi Cheryl: This is MUCH improved -what does your hubby know anyway!! One thing that will really help is that the eyes are too far apart and perhpas the nose is a bit too long. I suggest you look in the mirror and do some sighting to compare things to each other, once you get the eyes one eye width apart. You are really catching your likeness!! I have to applaud you -I have only ever done l self portrait, and I looked like a man!

marla.mclean said...

For what it's worth, I completely agree with Sharon. The mose might be turned up too much or showing too much nostril too. But it is a good likeness already.

chelsea said...

That such a great piece!

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Cheryl said...

thanks for the comments... updated again today and posting in the morning. This is a slow process but am I ever learning to SEE with this one.