Wednesday, January 5, 2011

T’was the season…

…  for family.  We had an enjoyable Christmas/New Year visiting with family and friends.  Our house was busy from December 15th when we welcomed Matthew’s [our oldest] family until yesterday morning when we dropped Candice’s [our middle] family at the airport.  We were so blessed to have all of our children and grandchildren for Christmas this year!!!  We are now SIXTEEN!!!  It’s a big group when we’re all together.  This photo includes both my parents and parents-in-law.  Precious memories!

photo of all twenty at Christmas 2010

Matthew et al are safely home in Ontario, and Candice just called to let me know they’ve just arrived in Tokyo.  I’m sure they welcome the return to routine with the children.  I have 8 amazing grandkids and they had such a fun time getting to know their cousins.  It was the first time we’ve all been together since Kim & Kyle’s wedding in 2004. 

It was important for us to be surrounded with our loved ones this first Christmas since Chuck’s passing.  The busyness of the children was a lot of fun and kept the thoughts light and celebratory.  However, I'd be lying if I didn’t admit to missing Chuck, especially on Christmas day with all my other siblings, in-laws, and children present.  Again though, we rose to the occasion and worked hard at making it fun and memorable for the kids.  The gift exchange was INCREDIBLE and competitive – no big surprise there for anybody that knows my family ;-)  “Loud” doesn’t really do it justice.  It was so much fun!

Ron and I spent New Year’s weekend in St Albert with our friends Maureen and Stu McLellan.  We nigh on to bored them out of their heads we were so tired!  It was a nice little break in the middle of all the Grandma and Grandpa fun.

It’s January 5th today.  My cleaning lady is here and once she’s done I’ll be able to get into my studio and sort it out to begin creating again.  I’m looking forward to getting going tomorrow…  I hope you and yours have had a blessed Christmas and I wish you a happy 2011!  Ciao!

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Lovely family! Thanks for sharing. :-)