Monday, June 13, 2011

Elbow River Jam “start” [oil, 10”x8”]

Elbow Jam

I painted this last Saturday at Leighton Centre during a plein air workshop…  inside, from a photo.  It poured, pitchforks points down, all day long.  Correction, it poured until 4pm at which point we were done for the day.  However, the silver lining was quickly evident.  There are many things about plein air that are more easily discussed, observed, and practiced in the classroom without the elements and the distances between painters that one normally has  during outdoor workshops.  For example, a teacher can pull all students together more easily in a classroom when a common issue arises.  The discussion is covered once for many instead of student by student.  I took this photo a year or two ago on a Sunday afternoon drive out to Bragg Creek.  I’ve got some more work to do on this one but it’s going to be put off until later this week when, alas, the rain is scheduled to recommence.  Cheers!

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