Saturday, May 31, 2008

White flower experiments

I came across a description of a new (to me) method using a palette knife to paint. The method is designed to encourage one to avoid overpainting and stroking into paints... both besetting sins of mine. After making a very quick drawing, fresh from the tube paint is applied using a small palette knife. I picked up multiple colors each time and applied them to the centres and undersides of the flowers, then mashed the leftovers onto the background. Then I applied water using my squirrel hair brush (so I didn't muddy things up) before sitting back to watch the show. There were several nice surprises. Once dry, I tried a new (to me) lifting method. I applied packing tape over the area I wanted to lift, used an olfa knife to cut around the lift area, pulled off the tape (sliding the blade under and lifting with that helped). Then I lifted with a damp sponge and blotted with a kleenex until I had defined the flowers.
I could see using this method occassionally because it does help with looseness... anyway, it was fun!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! This would look amazing in my home with all of the colours you used! Cheryl you are so talented! I am so proud of you that you pursued your passion. Something I always wanted to do. Hugs!