Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Manitou Day Lilies

Manitou Day Lilies (9 1/4x9 1/2 inches)

These lilies were EVERYWHERE in downtown Manitou Springs, Colorado when I visited there last month. What a cheerful, sunny greeting they waved to tourists and townsfolk alike. I hope I've captured it in this little painting. I need lots of practice working with yellow... it's easy to muddy and dull it. I can relate to Lawrence Calcagno who said "As an artist, it is central to be unsatisfied! This isn't greed, though it might be appetite." I never quite get it as I imagined it in my head. I feel somewhat like I used to when I golfed... I hit a good one once in a while and that keeps me painting. The enjoyment of the act of painting is something that cannot be explained... it must be experienced.

In an hour I'm back on Grandma duty for the next 5 days. I intend to enjoy them as much as possible. So, I will be back here at the end of the week..
Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks... and happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans (yes, I'm a dual citizen).

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