Sunday, July 6, 2008

resting and reflecting

Rest and Reflection (2007, 8"x11")
I'm posting a small painting completed in 2007 for 2 reasons:

1) My daughter left yesterday and I'm in "rest and reflect" mode which is the title I gave to this painting. I'm thankful that we had a great visit and excited that Candice & Doug and their girls have such an exciting adventure before them. It's a great time to exit the North American commercial flying scene (oil price fallout) and Doug has a wonderful career opportunity in Japan. BUT... they'll be SO far away ;(

2) I've had no time/energy to paint something new...

This is a nostalgic painting for me because it features my wedding china and the "brown betty" teapot that my mom gave me a few years ago. These two items put me in a restful mood and looking back on one of my earliest paintings encourages me to get with it and get those brushes wet.

Speaking of wet brushes... I'm excited that my sister-in-law Karen is going to be taking a watercolor class this fall. She'll be in the Wednesday morning class at Rosscarrock school and my class is in the afternoon at the same place. We'll be able to meet at the mall for coffee or lunch those days. I hope she'll enjoy this as much as I do. Go Karen!

Okay... no more excuses for me. I'm off to paint! Have a great day... Retweet this

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