Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Plein Aire at Lloyd Park

The birds were very busy yesterday. Whole families of ducks were making grand forays into open water (training little ones?). The reeds were quite colorful from bleached out to intense burgundy and greens. I needed to do a warm up sketch and this is it. Notice there really are no trees here. I've been working for a little while today on trees... I hope to have a little painting done that would prove that I'm breaking out of my "tree funk". My goal this week is to paint trees, paint trees, paint trees, etc you get the picture. I'll be hard pressed to put a landscape out there that doesn't require trees. Quite difficult....

To close, another quote from Winston Churchill's "Painting as a Pastime" "Painting is complete as a disctraction. I know of nothing which, without exhausting the body, more entirely absorbes the mind. Whatever the worries of the hour or the threats of the future once the picture has begun to flow along, there is no room for them in the mental screen. They pass out into shadow and darkness. All one's mental light, such s it is, becomes concentrated on the task. Time stands respectfully aside, and it is only after many hesitations that luncheon knocks gruffly at the door." Retweet this

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