Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creativity Workshop - Speedy Delivery

Ken Lampard, Sheila Schaetzle, Lindsey Stead, and I met here yesterday to execute our Speedy Delivery paintings. So, here are a few pictures of our day and the resulting paintings:
Lindsey planned, sketched, and painted Cherry in 1 hour. Ken, Sheila, and I had our paintings planned before arriving. We took a few minutes to explain our plans to each other (very helpful). Then at 2pm, we began painting and we cut it off at 3. There were a few shadows and minor things to do (which was okay in the rules - lol). We cleaned up, untaped our paintings and took these photos. I think it's an impressive 4 paintings considering the 1 hour painting rule.
Sheila had a lovely, atmospheric evening seaside painting. Ken chose a lake scape, I chose a backyard bench with a croquet game in progress on the lawn . ALL of us painted much faster than we usually do. This resulted in more wet in wet, puddling, etc.
Although we all began very wet we all found it difficult to maintain that through the hour of painting. This is something that would be worthwhile to do again.
It was fun! I'll submit this to Watercolor Magic for inclusion in their feedback about the event.

The four of us with our "1 hour wonders".
Ken and Sheila discussing the minor details at the end.

Lindsey with her Cherry Painting - lovely!
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Joanne said...

Hip Hip Hoorah ! Three ( make that FOUR ) cheers for the four of you. Well done .