Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cosmos (6"x9")

I came across a feathery, fluffy cloud of green, white and pink cosmos yesterday. They inspired this little painting. The cosmos flower represents beauty, order, and peace depending on which website you visit. Other than the doodling to sketch these up and half and hour to paint them, I've been puttering on cutting mats today. I've done enough to be pretty comfortable on my Fletcher 2000 - a true blessing! Despite the practice I've had I still made a goof today and had to toss out a piece of mat board.

Now... more Olympic coverage - are the Canucks ever going to get a medal? I suppose we shouldn't be surprised on our return on athletic investment - when it comes to tax time nobody wants to pay people to train. It makes it all the sweeter when they do well... cheers!
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