Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Wave (6"x10")

In Canmore, just 45 minutes west of our house it is SNOWING. Now, don't panic... it's just a little bit of snow. But it does tell you something about our weather right now. We are experiencing cooler weather. I like it. I think I'm going to enjoy fall and winter this year! It's not that I'm crazy about cold weather... lets just say I'm not as crazy about heat as I used to be. My little wave petunias have had a great year - loaded with blooms since I planted them in May. They just seemed to be saying their final goodbye to summer today - their "last wave". I plucked a stem and stuck it in this vase that I've been wanting to paint and I kind of like how it turned out. The stem on the bottom is a "popcorn orchid" given to me by a neighbourhood gardener named Michelle. This spring she was pulling the little plants out as quickly as they could grow... apparently they are a very aggressive reseeding plant. She offered me some of her little plants and they are now about 5 feet tall and covered with these little orchid like blooms. That reminds me... I really need to take the seed pods off as they mature or I'll have a time of it next spring!
I can't decide if I like this painting without the bottom 1.5 inches or with it... thoughts?

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Joanne said...

The picture is very lovely Cheryl. As for the bottom part, I am not sure. I tried to cover up the flower and the rest of the picture just wasnt the same. Problem is , I dont recognize the flower as it doesnt match the petunia. By the way, the shadowing is fantastic !

Joanne said...

Oh , I forgot- the little seeds ? sound fascinating - save me some please !

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

snow? In August? I hope it's on top of a very high mountain.
This is a lovely painting.