Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Red & Black Rooster (10"x10")

I've just looked through dozens of photos on the internet trying to find out what type of rooster I was painting last night. To that I say "Uncle". I had no idea how many types of roosters there are... nor how popular it is to grow fancy poultry!!! Maybe by the time I repaint this guy I will have figured out what type of rooster he is. [My drawing exceeded my paper supply... so, I am missing a very long piece of black tail sticking straight up 4-5 inches beyond the edge of paper- nevermind, it was fun to paint!!!]
Despite the long black tail, this guy wasn't the biggest rooster. That honor went to a HUGE reddish blonde guy that was really strutting his stuff at the Saskatoon Berry Farm yesterday. I visited there with my folks and had a very yummy lunch complete with Saskatoon berry pie. It's a really cute little place. One of those gems you live right next door to but have never heard of. What a fun place to visit!
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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

these are the prettiest roosters!