Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a link...about factories

I can really relate to what Robert Genn sent out today. It applies to learning any new skill and art is mostly skill, not talent. Here he is talking about what is required to become proficient as an artist - an "art factory":

"An art factory is a place where unmarked supports enter on one side, become caressed with the physical manifestation of human imagination, and are subsequently pushed out the other side. Whether these modified supports are commercially destined or not, it's a process that needs to take place.

When the factory gets the steam up and things begin to happen, the worker becomes hooked. Also, as skills are learned, techniques defined and directions found, the place begins to look like a perpetual motion machine.

Theoretical folks don't always understand that the factory itself turns its operator back into a student. The factory becomes a school. If you like the idea of do-it-yourself learning, and you are curious about what you might be able to do, a little private factory is one fine institution. If your factory starts small and gets productive, you'll need a bigger factory."

I think this is really good advice whether you set up a photo factory, food factory, sudoko factory, art factory... the bottom line is that there is no substitute for time "in the saddle". The great part about it is that it's so much fun while you're learning. If you haven't signed up for that art course yet.... well, I did my best.

Art class begins in a month and I can hardly wait! I'm excited because my supplies are on the way - shipped yesterday from Curry's in Toronto. I'll have some Quinacridone Rose again after a whole year of using Quinacridone Red (feeling a little silly over that one...)

Tomorrow is an "appointment day" so I'll be back on Wednesday... Retweet this

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