Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mount Burgess (10"x14")

Mount Burgess rises up 8527 feet behind Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. My dad snapped some photos of Emerald Lake this summer while there visiting with some of his state-side cousins. What amazing sights we have so close to our home - this national wonder is about 2 hours west of my home in Calgary. Ron and I visited there on our honeymoon and took a toodle around in one of their shiny red canoes. What a beautiful place... I must point out that the color of the lake needs to be pushed over more towards the green side to make this accurate. Nevertheless, I was pretty happy with the results of this painting given the fact that I spent only 1 hour on painting it (and not much more on drawing). I do believe I am getting a bit more speedy in both the drawing and painting categories... that's really quite encouraging for me - it means my plucking away at it over the summer has made me more comfortable and more confident. Since it's a skill and not a talent anybody willing to practice can do it.... join an art class at a community hall near you.

There was a very important event that went of like clockwork today in downtown Calgary. The Easter seals Drop Zone had 85 folks raised over 175,000 for Easters Seals and the Camp Horizon people by repelling down 30 floors. My daughter Kim participated in honor of her cousin Heather who enjoyed many years of camping at Camp Horizon. Here are a couple of pictures of her drop and her smiles.
This is the "I made it" smile. Here you are just ecstatic that you are still alive, you've gone through with your commitment and in so doing raise money for something near and dear to our hearts.

Here she is partway down but has the time to stop and chat with some people that were needing some directions...???

Anyway Kim, we're proud of your achievment. I'd be challenging your Uncle's Dwight and Chuck next year. Now THAT would be entertaining!!!! Retweet this