Friday, November 21, 2008

Painting Havoc

Two years ago Ron bought me 34 small tubes of Winsor Newton watercolor paint for $30 on Ebay. Most of them have been collecting dust in my drawer because I simply don't need them. For the past 2 years I've been using a limited palette (7 basic + 4 optional). This has forced me to learn color theory hands on and helped my confidence grow. However, I've been curious about some of these colors and I let myself experiment with them using a dropper to see how they blended and mixed wet in wet on the paper. The colors were veridian green, olive green, cadmium orange, cobalt blue, brown madder.

The first photo shows the most interesting learning - cadmium orange floats and spreads in wild bursts of color. Then it dries chaulky - I'm not a fan.

The second photo shows how carried away I got on this little experiment. It was a mess! Thanks for not commenting on this one folks... but I did give the good, bad and ugly warning right up front... Hopefully I'll have something prettier for tomorrow!
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