Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Altered Book Project - Introduction

So, what is an "Altered Book" you ask? Good question... I asked this very thing in class two months ago. I had no idea there was such a thing. In fact, altering a book in this way seems almost destructive to an avid reader like me. Regardless, I am embarking on my first altered book project. The book I've chosen came from the Calgary Public Library "For Sale" section and it cost me 50 cents!
The title of the book I will be altering is "The Effects of Light". Right now I am scanning the book to find those nuggets of art history and technique... some really fun and informative passages that I will keep as part of the finished product.
Not only will this book be a work of art, it will be a work about the artistic journey through the principles and elements of design. And that is about all I know right now. I will definitely be taking photos and posting updates here. Stay tuned!
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Beth Quist said...

Hello fellow Quist...What an interesting concept and journey! Love it! Can't wait to learn more.

Cheryl said...

Thanks Beth... I'm loving the journey with SO much to learn.
By the way, my middle name is Beth... not shortened either, just 4 letters.