Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exiting Paradise (14"x10")

When I painted this I had no plan, I just meant to get going and hoped I'd end up with a "start" I could use later. I added some masking fluid splatter which, in one area, got mucked up and spread into the shape of a sail. That gave me an idea and it developed from there.
Here's the learning (again): when I get an idea like that I need to grab my sketch book and do a value pattern sketch to see if it is worth pursuing and sort out composition, etc. It's not that I hate this painting but if I'd taken that 10 minutes to think it through I would have changed several things before proceeding. [the list is too long to type, lol]
Actually, considering it's been over 6 weeks since I've painted more than an ATC, I'm going to give myself a break on this one. I'm seriously out of practice and I had to get moving on something, right? I really loved watching sailboats in a moon glade though... very pretty. We had a harbour view unit at Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta where I visualized this. What a gift that week was to Ron and I. Beautiful sunny weather with somebody you love. You can't ask for much more from life than that really.
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Beth Quist said...

It is nice to hear what is behind the painting...your thoughts, emotions, etc. I wish my mother would have done that with her art. What a gift it is to share the "you" along with your artist expressions. Absolutely wonderful!