Friday, January 23, 2009

Red Trees as promised

Well, as I committed yesterday here are my acrylic trees. This is NOT a good photo but I couldn't get the lighting to work for me tonight. I'll give it another try tomorrow.
This is the first time I've attempted to use acrylics like watercolors. I succeeded in some places and failed in others. Acrylics are VERY forgiving - and I made use of that trait several times. I have much to learn about handling this new medium. Color mixing is a real challenge - adding white just seems so strange and color temperature is even more critical. A poor choice results in weird hues that mess up the mood entirely. My mood as well as the painting's ;o)
I still love these colors but the acrylics dry darker so even though I struggled with having the red too dark yesterday in watercolor, I didn't compensate enough for the darker acrylics well enough. As a result, I've gone over some of the branches in a lighter value of red.
I'm not fond of the branch shapes coming in on the right side but otherwise I don't mind the shapes so much anymore.
Curiously, I'm still not tired of this subject! I find that intriguing. I've learned an awful lot from the set up and painting of this subject. In fact the biggest learning is that I still have A LOT to learn! Enjoy...
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