Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ted Nuttall's "A Garden in Her Face" copy attempt

When challenged in my art class to copy a painting I loved I immediately thought of Ted's Nuttall's painting style. I'd almost talked myself out of trying to copy his loose, casual, drip friendly style but this morning I decided to give "A Garden in Her Face" a try. It's a tall order particularly because of his loose style and subtle color. The layering order is difficult to determine also. In the end I decided that even if my copy turned out poorly I would learn enough about LOOSE watercolor to make it worthwhile.
As I painted today I could hardly make myself stop for breaks - it was so fun! I missed the mark considerably but it was a worthwhile exercise and I'm even more impressed with Ted Nuttall's work than I was before. This painting was featured in Splash 8 - click on the link above to go to Ted's site and see the original and many other beautiful paintings. Enjoy! Retweet this