Sunday, February 22, 2009

Collage 180 degrees...

The collage start that I posted yesterday bears little resemblance to this image. However, if you take yesterday's image and turn it upside down you should be able to see some of the "bones" still intact. [Flipped image is at the bottom of this post]
I worked off and on for a few hours this afternoon battling the strong straight lines that I had in the original composition. Even more challenging was the extremely large red shape. I finally just ripped it off and started again with a variety of dark papers in mid-value analogous blues and mauves. After a while I liked most of the big shapes but I was still quite concerned about the very dark "lightening bolt" shape. As I turned it around and thought about it, I could see mountains and a road! Finally this project was talking to me... (and yes, I know that sounds crazy. Whatever!) After that I puttered a bit longer strengthening what I saw and adding a bit of structure to it. So far, so good... I expect the class will have some helpful critique for me tomorrow. Bring it on!
Have a great week everybody!

Yesterday's image flipped upside down for your reference.

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