Monday, March 16, 2009

price wars

Limited art time again today as I spend some time in preparation for a meeting later this week.

I'm focused on one product in this particular update - Golden's Gesso in white. I called around to the local art stores and my fav on-line. I asked for a price for the 32oz size. Here are the results:

Swinton's $33.25 -10% student discount
Colors $36.40 -10% student discount
Mona Lisa $33.45 FT students get 10% off
Kensington $41.50 -10% for student discount
Inglewood $41.81 -20% which is an ongoing discount on all Golden product (even special order)
Michael's $49.99 -40% one item coupon.
Curry's $27.95

After all that calculating your best bets for gesso in Calgary are Swinton's at $30, Michael's (with coupon of course). If you have the patience for mail order, Curry's is a good price too. Retweet this

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