Friday, March 20, 2009

Transfer with heat...

I'm having fun playing with transfers again. Here's how the steps to this one went.

Photo 1 - Prepare watercolor support and transfer image
  • This time I started out with a bit of prepainting on the 140 lb watercolor painting. I wanted a bit of color beneath this transfer. Once that's dry, I determined the exact placement for the transfer. A few pencil marks for guides is a good idea.
  • I put a single layer of Golden Soft Matte Medium over the area receiving the transfer AND over the image. [Cross-directional strokes will result in a nice linen/woven affect.
  • Once both dry I aligned the transfer atop the support and lightly secure it (a bit of tape holds it temporarily)

Photo 2 - Image transfer

  • With my preheated Versa Tool, I carefully and thoroughly heat the paper back of the transfer with a circular motion. The heat melts the two layers of medium together, fusing the ink into the surface of the watercolor paper.

Photo 3 - Removing the paper backing to reveal the transfer

  • The back of the support can now be carefully wet and the paper will roll off to reveal the transfer underneath. This takes old fashioned elbow grease. Roll your finger back and forth until a bit of paper grabs on and begins a roll.
  • Wet and roll, wet and roll. The key factor to get the paper rolled of with no tearing is to wait for the transfer to cool completely.

I've had a couple of great results with this method and frankly, I plan to stick with it. Enjoy!

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Jenelle Matson said...

The end of the month is crazy for me right now but I would love to get together with you soon and play around with this. I already have a few ideas on what I would like to work on so we need to plan a day together.